Pairwise Alignment (pairwise)


nw_align(seqA, seqB[, scorer, gap])

Carry out the traditional Needleman-Wunsch algorithm.

sw_align(seqA, seqB[, scorer, gap])

Carry out the traditional Smith-Waterman algorithm.

we_align(seqA, seqB[, scorer, gap])

Carry out the traditional Waterman-Eggert algorithm.

edit_dist(seqA, seqB[, normalized, restriction])

Return the edit distance between two strings.

SCA(infile, **keywords)

Method returns alignment objects depending on input file or input data.


Pairwise(seqs[, seqB])

Basic class for the handling of pairwise sequence alignments (PSA).

PSA(infile, **keywords)

Basic class for dealing with the pairwise alignment of sequences.